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Could you all tell me what you think of these songs? [Saturday
May 28th At 1:01AM]

[ mood | Happy. ]

Link to them is: http://www.myspace.com/onelypiphera

-Lili Bear-

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Story time+picture update! ^_~!! [Monday
May 23rd At 2:06AM]

[ mood | Bouncy. ]

These lips say "No."

Taste the rainbow<3.Collapse )

-Lili Bear-
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April 25th At 9:46AM]

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March 12th At 11:39PM]

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February 26th At 4:03PM]


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February 26th At 2:57PM]



Sorry if you dont like promotions. I will delete it if you want me to.
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~Promotion~ [Thursday
February 24th At 9:21PM]

[ mood | Like dancing around my room. ]

-Promotion for Le Elite-Collapse )

February 24th At 11:41PM]

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We don't bite... much. [Thursday
February 17th At 7:56PM]

[ mood | Blah... v.v;; ]

*x* Application *x*

Identity: Lili Bear.
Age: 16.
Sex: Female.
Location: San Francisco, California.
Marital Status: In a relationship.

Bands/Singers and why: Sugarcult, Malice Mizer, Mois Dix Mois, The Cure, BlutEngel, The Birthday Massacre, No Doubt, Excuses for Skipping, BoySkout, The Beatles, Dido because, good lyrics, good sound. I can relate to the lyrics often.
Colors: Blue, Black, Red.
Food: Cheese, bread, pixie sticks, sour patch kids, tomatoes, garlic, noodles, rice, Japanese candy, etc.
Actors/Actresses: Johnny Depp {!!} & Liv Tyler {...I guess... >.> lol.}
Holiday: My anniversaries if those count!
CD: I don't have one.
Songs: "The World at Large"- Modest Mouse, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"- Joy Division (and The Cure's cover too!), "Missy Queen"- Miss Kittin, "Pictures of You"- The Cure, "A Letter to Elise"- The Cure, "Some Say"- Sum 41, "Counting Stars"- Sugarcult, "Endless Sorrows"- Ayumi Hamasaki, "Come On Eileen"- The Cure, etc.
Movies: Chinese Odyssey 2002, Sixth Sense, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hero, My Fair Concubine, Vampire Hunter D.

..::Your Opinion::..
xx pick at least 3 xx
Gay marriage? Pro.
Abortion? Pro.
Suicide? Don't care.
Cutting? Con.
Sports? Blahh... o.<... con... lol XD.
Music? PRO!!
Scott Peterson? Don't know enough about the case. I don't watch TV often or read the newspaper.
Teen Sex? Pro.

Why do you want to be accepted? Ummm, I don't know. Just to see what happens in the community.
What is your best physical feature? I guess that I have a nice body... o.o;... I guess... lol...
What is your best personality characteristic? I'm funny.
Will you promote the community? Sure, when I have time.

..::Say Something::..
To one of your mods: Hey hey! ^^ What's shakin'?
To one of the members: Nice to meet you! ...sort of... >.>
Random: There's a huge pile of laundry on my bed and I wish someone would fold it for me... >.> *looks at you*

..::Picture Perfect::..
Read more...Collapse )

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January 23rd At 11:07AM]

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January 21st At 4:20PM]

[ mood | chipper ]

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January 17th At 2:02PM]


check it out o_0 Its a fun community, and the members and mods are awesome :)
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wont bite...much.... [Thursday
January 6th At 5:08PM]

will you bite back?Collapse )
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MOD-friends only [Wednesday
January 5th At 5:26PM]

[ mood | bitchy ]

title or description

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